Making the once known known again.

About Us

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with pop culture.  While other kids my age were out playing basketball or hanging at the mall, I was in my room reading Billboard Magazine and wondering how in the world “Macarena” was still the number one song in the country.  The fascination did not stop at music.  My interests spread to film, literature, people, you name it.  If society as a whole was paying attention to it then so was I.  Pop culture began to influence me in ways I could not have imagined.

As I grew older I realized I was not alone.  Whether or not we want to admit it, we are all influenced by pop culture.  It affects what is on our iPods, what movies we get from the RedBox and even what kind of workouts we do. The disheartening truth for me was that a lot of times the influence was negative rather than positive.  I found myself saying, thinking and doing things that didn’t necessarily line up with the person I knew I was created to be.  Out of this truth, PopExcavators was born.

Pop culture is composed of art, and all art is created with purpose.  At PopExcavators we will uncover those purposes.  On this site you’re not going to read about vintage things you’re familiar with like the hula hoop or 8 track tape players.  We are going to dig a lot deeper than that.  We are going to dig beyond the surface of pop culture to inspire the conversation that the original artists intended.  The type of conversation that will challenge us and may just change the way we see ourselves.  Come and be a part of the excavation.

Ryan Chavez–Pop Excavator


One comment on “About Us

  1. amphomma
    June 7, 2012

    Thanks for recognizing the honesty of my post about being the spouse of a physician. I checked out some of what you’ve written about uncovering pop culture–so I guess we are both trying to show the story behind the story. Best wishes as you continue to “excavate”!

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